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Series circuit and parallel circuit

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The electrical circuit is basically two types of the circuit we can make, we called as the series and parallel.Electric circuit may be a path during which electrons from a voltage or current supply flow.

The point wherever those electrons enter associate degree circuit is termed the “source” of electrons. the purpose wherever the electrons leave associate degree circuit is termed the “return” or “earth ground”.

The exit purpose is termed the “return” as for a result of electrons forever find yourself at the supply after they complete the trail of associate degree circuit.

The part of associate degree circuit that’s between the electrons’ {starting purpose|start line|place to begin} and therefore the point wherever they come to the supply is termed associate degree electrical circuit’s “load”.

A load of associate degree circuit could also be as easy as those who power electrical appliances like refrigerators, televisions, or lamps or a lot of difficulties, like the load on the output of an electric power generating station.

In the electric circuit, each device should operate for the circuit to be complete. One bulb burning call at an electric circuit breaks the circuit. In a parallel circuit, every lightweight has its own circuit, therefore almost one lightweight may be burned out, and also the last one can still operate.

Components of Associate in Nursing circuits or electronic circuit may be connected in many alternative ways that.

the 2 simplest of those square measure known as series and parallel and occur ofttimes. elements connected nonparallel square measure connected on one path, therefore the same current flows through all of the elements.elements connected in parallel square measure connected in multiple ways, therefore the same voltage is applied to every element.

A circuit composed entirely of elements connected nonparallel is understood as a series circuit; likewise, one connected utterly in parallel is understood as a closed circuit.

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