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Integrated circuit (IC)

Integrated circuit (IC), typically stated as a chip or semiconductor, is additionally a semiconductor wafer thereon thousand or several little resistors, capacitors, and transistors unit fictional. AN IC will perform as an electronic instrumentation, oscillator, timer, counter, storage, or semiconductor. a selected IC is assessed as either linear (analog) or digital, depending on its supposed application

Integrated circuitAn integrated circuit is formed with the primary objective of embedding as many transistors as possible on one semiconductor chip with numbers reaching into the billions as of 2012.


According to their vogue assembly, integrated circuits have undergone many generations of advancements and developments such as:

Small Scale Integration (SSI): 10 to many transistors per chip

Medium Scale Integration (MSI): lots of to thousands of transistors per chip
Large Scale Integration (LSI): Thousands of many hundred thousand transistors per chip
The Giant Scale Integration (VLSI): Up to one million transistors per chip
Ultra Giant Scale Integration (ULSI): This represents a contemporary IC with millions and billions of transistors per chip
An IC is additionally classified as being digital, analog or a mixture of each. the foremost common example of a contemporary IC is that the PC processor, that consists of billions of unreal transistors, logic gates, and alternative digital electronic equipment.

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